Hospital Management System 1.0.0 Demo

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Hospital Management System 1.0.0 DemoHospital Management System is a complex and efficient software solution designed to offer clinics and similar medical institutions with optimal means of dealing with all aspects of their daily activities, ranging from patients, to administered treatments or paid services. The program is fairly simple to work with, featuring a straight-forward interface, organized in multiple menus for each category of operations that can be performed. As such, you can work with the records of ‘Inpatients’,’Outpatients’, ‘Channeling’, ‘Payments’, ‘Reports’, ‘Maintenance’, ‘Laboratory Management’ and even ‘User Accounts’. The ‘Inpatients’ section of Hospital Management System allows you to add or edit patient admission records, decide on the course of treatment, view a specific patient’s bill or discharge them from the clinic. You can perform similar actions from the ‘Outpatients’ menu, with the exception of discharging them. From ‘Channeling’, you can manage the appointments made to various doctors on specific dates and at certain hours, while also entering the charge for the consult. The ‘Payments’ menu enables you to manage the billing records of inpatients and outpatients, or search for a specific entry through your database. The ‘Reports’ section features a wide range of queries that you can perform and learn more about the number and type of patients, as well as the services they requested or received. From ‘Maintenance’, you can manage the doctors and their work schedules, so as not to overlap, as well as the room distribution, laboratory, medicines, departments or wards. Moreover, the ‘Laboratory Management’ tab allows you to sort out patient entries and the payments they made or need to make in the future. You can also manage the medical instruments and machines you have in your inventory. To conclude, Hospital Management System is a comprehensive application featuring a wide range of tools and functions that can assist you in staying on top of your medical institution’s wide array of activities.
Hospital Management System is a complete application that not only provides an opportunity to the hospital to enhance their patient care but also can increase the profitability of the organization. Hospital Management System provides Improved quality of patient care, increased nursing productivity, reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks, better quality of care, procedures and service to patients, control over the costs incurred by diagnosis-related groups.
  • Can only browse through the menus

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