Hippo Animator 3.1.5064 Trial

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Hippo Animator 3.1.5064 Trial

An efficient and reliable application that can easily assist you in creating animated HTML movies for the Web, offering numerous options and preferences

Hippo Animator is a highly-intuitive application that can be used to design great movies that can be posted on websites. The created animations are compatible with 99% of currently available web browsers. These browsers include Internet Explorer 6 to 9, FirefoxChromeSafari or Opera. Hippo Animator is so easy to use, that you will not require any plugins, downloads or even scripting knowledge to create your own animations. The movies are small, scalable, and support alpha transparency and rotation. With Hippo Animator you can simply create a movie animation and export it to HTML.
Here are some key features of “Hippo Animator”:
  • Flash, Silverlight and Java animation is usually not supported by phones and tablets. Hippo Animator supports iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android to name a few.
  • The movies automatically scale to fit any web browser size.
  • Many HTML animation software packages use HTML5, which is great, but it only works in a small number of new web browsers.
  • Hippo Animator supports web browsers like Firefox that don’t support MP3.
  • Load large images after the movie has loaded. Control the show using script commands to play, pause, go back and forward.
  • You only need one line of code to add the animation to your own web pages. It’s as simple as we can make it.
  • 30 days trial period
What’s New 
  • Checkbox and option inputs.

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