HCFR Colorimeter Freeware

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HCFR Colorimeter Freeware

Handy monitor calibration software

HCFR Colorimeter was designed as an accessible and handy piece of software that is supposed to act as a video projector / monitor calibration tool. The HCFR Colorimeter application is built to help you create plug-ins for meters, generators and blasters and offer minor UI and calculation improvements. Also, HCFR Colorimeter is designed to remove MFC use and add extra graphs.
  • USB cable
  • HCFR Colorimeter
  • DVD reader
What’s New
  • Update madVR API and add video LUT disable switch
  • Added white reference weighting to dE formulas
  • Fix default behavior for dE gray handling and weighting
  • Suppress integration time messages when not in debug mode
  • Update oeminst and fix display of dE for refdoc

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