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gMaps for Windows 8 FreewareIf you like browsing the web to discover new beautiful places all over the world, then you are surely familiar with Google Maps and the many features provided by the service. gMaps for Windows 8 aims to provide the same functions within a dedicated app so you no longer need to open a browser whenever you want to explore a city or a route. You can only install this software utility if you are using a computer running Windows 8 or 8.1, otherwise you need to look for a Google Maps client compatible with your operating system. Due to gMaps for Windows 8, you can easily find the shortest route between the points you choose, and you can also specify the type of transportation you are interested in (by car, via public transportation, hiking or by bike). However, please note that not all areas provide the same type of routes and that they depend on the region. Either way, you can rely on gMaps for Windows 8 to display routes that avoid tolls and include highways, so you spend as less time as possible on the road. Additionally, you can also change the map type to satellite mode if you want to get an idea on the type of relief you will need to cross. If you want to start planning for a trip, you can explore a city’s bike routes, a weather map or the public transportation, so you can organize your daily schedule. Also, a lot of large cities also support the StreetView mode, so you can use gMaps for Windows 8 to take a virtual walk around a foreign city. All in all, gMaps for Windows 8 can help you quickly get directions or get details about the current weather around the world and it can come in especially handy if you install it on a tablet.
gMaps helps Windows 8 users easily get directions to any place, just by simply entering the starting place and the destination. As it relies on data provided by Google Maps, the application can display various types of information, such as current temperature for the target city or the bike routes. You can also explore certain large cities in StreetView mode.
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What’s New 
  • Google Latitude will be retired on August 9th, 2013

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