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Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker 3.4.269 DemoWhen writing letters to friends and family or when composing texts that are meant for publishing (online or otherwise) it is always a good idea to take a second look and check if everything is intelligible and typed correctly. For those who consider this necessary, but want to save the precious time that would be allocated to this activity, a virtual helper like Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker could come in very handy. This particular application offers a lot of features and integrates with the system in a special manner, but, unfortunately, you cannot use it properly offline, as it requires an Internet connection for you to enjoy all its functions. The software is meant to act like a reference tool and also as the savvy inspector that points out inadvertencies and is able to make the corrections on the spot. The great thing about Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is its versatility, as it will work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. This program consists of several modules that will help you carry out several tasks from a friendly and appealing user interface. Thus, you can use the ‘Reader’ function of Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker to have a string of text spoken out loud so as to hear the correct pronunciation of the respective words. The ‘Rephraser’ module is dedicated to offering alternatives to written content in order to provide a better version of the initial text. For grammar and spelling verifications you have the ‘Checker’ ready to assist, while the ‘Trainer’ is prepared to give you some tutoring and teach you how to learn from your own mistakes. Since it is able to cover so many aspects of practicing and improving one’s language skills, Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is worth a try, especially because it can help users not only inside document editing applications, but also when they are browsing the Internet.
Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is a professional application designed to check the grammar and spelling of any text. Based on a full sentence context, Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker can automatically correct severe spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as misused words. Even when a word is spelled correctly, the program verifies whether the sentence makes sense and offers you alternatives. Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker can also be used seamlessly by users writing documents, presentations, and emails, inMS-WordMS-OutlookMS-PowerPointInternet ExplorerSafariFirefox and Chrome, enabling them to correct words in the sentence with a single click. With Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker, you will ensure that your e-mails and documents are correctly spelled.
Here are some key features of “Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker”:
  • Identifies and categorizes your frequent mistakes based on your day-to-day writing:
  • Corrects texts based on the context of each sentence
  • Corrects texts in MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Firefox
  • Amazing results – corrects all mistakes
  • Practice your weak subjects to master them and check out your progress over time:
  • Creates lessons and quizzes based on your mistakes
  • Works like a private English Tutor
  • Multi-media English courses
  • Improves your accent and pronunciation to sound more like a native speaker using the text-to-speech engine:
  • Reads aloud texts in emails, documents, and web pages
  • Reads in a high quality human voice
  • Improves your pronunciation and accent
  • Internet connection
  • Some features are disabled in the unregistered version
What’s New 
  • Supports Chrome browser

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