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GenPass - Password Generator FreewareA weak password can be uncrypted, craked or guessed with little effort and therefore, any computer user should follow a few rules when setting their password or use a generator capable of creating strong security keys. One example is GenPass – Password Generator, a simple, yet useful application that can output secure passwords for your accounts and registration numbers for your applications. The program enables you to customize the password properties, advising you to use encryption keys of at least ten characters long. As such, you can customize the password length (the maximum number of characters is 255) and instruct the application to automatically filter the repeating sequences. In addition to this, the application can take into consideration the system clock and date when building a password, which highly reduces the risk that a previously generated key is repeated. As an extra security measure, passwords can be uppercase, lowercase or these two combined. GenPass – Password Generator is also capable of creating serial keys of different segment lengths and customizable separators (practically, you can set any punctuation mark as the separator). Once the configuration procedure is completed, you only have to press the ‘Generate’ button and the password is immediately revealed in the dedicated field, allowing you to copy the text to the clipboard. Using an application such as GenPass – Password Generator means that you are aware of the data theft risks. This software enables you to create secure keys, but there are other rules that you should obey in order to ensure identity protection, such as not applying the same login key to each account you own. GenPass – Password Generator is an application that lets you generate hard-to-crack passwords. The generated passwords can easily be customized to fit your needs and you can even generate serial numbers for your own applications with this program.

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