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Free PDF Splitter 1.0.0 FreewareFree PDF Splitter is a lightweight program that targets users in need of a speedy tool that can split a PDF document into several smaller ones. If you’ve got a large PDF file that you need to separate into multiple pieces, you can rely on this application to carry out the task in a fast, complication-free manner. The installation process goes smoothly, requiring you to press only a few ‘Next’ buttons to complete. It creates a shortcut on your desktop, from where you can initiate it by a simple double-click. As far as the user interface is concerned, it sports a pleasant look and remains intuitive throughout your experience with it. All the commands are displayed out in the open, so figuring out its usage shouldn’t be a problem, even for users with less computer experience. Free PDF Splitter can handle only one file at a time, which can be added using the dedicated button, as drag and drop is not supported. Just below the area dedicated to the source document, you are presented with two major options for the splitting process. The first one allows you to divide the file into several documents, which will contain a predefined number of pages chosen by you. With the second method, you can split the PDF by page range; for instance, you can have the application bring out only the first two pages of the original file and / or the pages in the middle. The last step is to choose the output folder, then you can proceed with the actual splitting process, which doesn’t take long, even for large documents. All in all, Free PDF Splitter comes across as a reliable choice, but it could use an option to process multiple files at a time, as well as support for password protected documents. On the bright side, it is fast and easy to use. Free PDF Splitter is a handy and reliable program designed to divide large PDF documents into smaller files. Users can opt to split documents into files containing a preset number of pages, as well as by page range. Note that it can process only one file at a time.

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