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Free Medical Dictionary FreewareFree Medical Dictionary is an intuitive and user-friendly application that delivers a very rich medical dictionary providing explanations for various terms. It is suited for both doctors and students, comprising a generous array of medical terminology that can help them to quickly get detailed clarifications on common or complex notions. Following a short and effortless installation process, you will get acquainted with the program’s interface, which sports an elegant appearance, depicting a virtual book that you can explore seamlessly. The glossary is organized alphabetically, allowing users to select the letter of interest in order to display all the medical terms that start with that specific character. Each term is accompanied by the corresponding pronunciation, as well as by an extensive description which can be copied to the clipboard via right-click. If you’re not a fan of manual browsing, the program also provides a quick search function via a dedicated field. Simply write the term in the box and press the ‘Find’ button, following which the program displays the results alphabetically, allowing users to see the explanations immediately. The developer specifies that the glossary uses Google’s search engine to retrieve terms, but provides a more user-oriented and comprehensive approach that spears you the trouble of manually googling medical terminology. It is easy-to-use, doesn’t require advanced computer knowledge and contains all sort of medicine related terms, including symptoms and pharmaceutical drugs, which widens the targeted audience range. Free Medical Dictionary is a handy and reliable application designed to facilitate user access to all types of medical information easily. Free Medical Dictionary includes a glossary of medical terms from different fields of medicine that can be searched easily.

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