FMiner Basic 9.11 Trial

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FMiner Basic 9.11 Trial

A practical, handy and effective visual web scraping utility that enables you to extract data from various websites effortlessly

FMiner Basic is a useful and reliable application that enables you to easily handle web content without using scripts. FMiner Basic can extract any type pages, support javascript / ajax, login, proxy, https, plugins; Can extract complete data structures, include data’s relation(eg, database foreign keys). Extracted results can be saved to csv, excel(xls), sqlite, access, and save the data to an existing database.
Here are some key features of “FMiner Basic”:
  • Visual project designer:
  • A project is shown as a flow chart in the designer, and every action is a diagram. You can drag and change them easily to complete a complex extraction task.
  • Scrape dynamic pages with no difference:
  • FMiner do actions and scrape contents on pages just with recording and playing macro, and there is no different between static pages and dynamic pages(with ajax). FMiner will replay the actions correctly for all pages.
  • Scheduler and email report:
  • FMiner support scheduler for tasks, and can report a mail after execution to show the results with the exported data as attachment.
  • Repeat input data from table:
  • With the “read table” template, FMiner can input every row of a data table into pages for scraping all results of the data in table.
  • Automatic multithreading:
  • FMiner will open the links in multiple browsers automatically, when there are more than one links in “open link(s)” and “goto” actions.
  • Captcha resolve:
  • FMiner resolve captcha with a simple way, and can be done by manual inputting or some third party decaptcha service.
  • Internet Connection
  • 15 days trial
  • Can’t export more than 50 data
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Some small changes on UI.
  • Fixed the bug: when remove link on scene, program crash sometimes.
  • Fixed the bug: Argument ‘–expert_headers’ can’t work.
  • Added new argument ‘–move_errorlinks’ for execute task externally.

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