FlexPaper Desktop Publisher Free 2.1.8

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FlexPaper Desktop Publisher Free 2.1.8

A simple, yet effective software that helps you to add video, links and images so you can create interactive and stunning PDF publications

FlexPaper Desktop Publisher Free is a practical and reliable software solution worth having when you need to quickly publish PDF publications to Internet. Thanks to its intuitive interface and well-organized menus, FlexPaper Desktop Publisher Free helps you to split and optimize large presentations so your visitors will view them with minimum download waiting time.
What’s New
  • FlexPaper Zine enhanced to support higher resolution for touch devices when zooming into the document (requires PHP & GTK2)
  • Issue fixed relating to certain links where they would be incorrectly broken up into sections causing the links to be incomplete when clicked (HTML4/HTML5 mode)
  • Issue fixed for annotations in IE9 when using the HTML rendering mode
  • Last/first navigators added for Zine in HTML4/HTML5 mode
  • FlexPaper Zine Icons added for retina/HD desktop displays (labelled [name]@2x.png)
  • Corrections for hidden text and control characters in exporting to HTML4/HTML5 from desktop publisher [on Windows]
  • Correction for shading in Zine for HTML5/HTML4 (regression issue from 2.1.7)
  • Fixed an issue relating to drag-turning pages in HTML4/HTML5 where the viewer would zoom in unintentionally in some specific scenarios
  • Fixed an issue related to links being created multiple times causing performance degradation in HTML4/HTML5 mode for Zine
  • Performance improvements to sliding and dragging in Z…

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