Filler Pilot 2.45 Freeware

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Filler Pilot 2.45 Freeware

Form-filler for working with special forms created with Form Pilot Office

Form Filler is a software that will help you to fill out form on your computer instead of using a typewriter. You may use preprinted or blank paper forms. Simply open your form on the screen, and fill in the fields. You can use fonts of different size and colors. You can rotate text, insert pictures, checkmarks, lines and geometrical figures. You can enhance the outlook of the form itself by removing color casts. You can also erase unnecessary fields. After you have completed your form input, you can save it to your hard drive or, print it out for mailing. Form Filler helps children who have handwriting problems and people with dysgraphia.
What’s New 
  • Form Pilot Office: The Index Number format for text fields has been added.
  • Form Pilot Office: Automatic numbering of forms has been added.
  • PDF Creator Pilot library has been updated.

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