EZGenerator Website Builder Demo

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EZGenerator Website Builder Demo

An easy to use but powerful website building tool

EZ-Generator is Website builder targeted at the home users and organisations looking for an easy and affordable solution to create a high quality and goodlooking website. All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated based on an impressive collection of over 2000 graphical templates (must see!). Comes with E-commerce Module (selling goods online never has been easier), Picture Album (publish digital pictures), Catalog Lister (publish collections: DVD/CD/MP3s, any portfolio, …) and a full blown Contact Manager. Ez-Generator requires no technical skills, works without special CGI scripts and is not limited to proprietary hosting services. Ez-Generator makes site management a breeze and it gives you the chance to make immediate updates to your site from your home or office PC with an Internet connection. Requirements: · Pentium II or higher · Internet Explorer v6.0 (or higher version) · Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels (or higher) · Sreen colour mode 16 bit color mode (65536 colors) or higher · Internet connection (dial-up or cable) Limitations: · Template Downloads are disabled, Demo version contains selection of 200 templates · Demo version will switch the letter ‘a’ to the letter ‘e’ on every webpage you render (can have funny results 🙂 · Demo version will add a footer on every webpage saying: · ‘This page has been generated with the Trial version of EZGenerator’. · All processed Images will get a ‘Demo’ Watermark What’s New  · (added) option to disable category count in category combo (blog) : % BLOG_CATEGORY_FILTER(false) % · (added) % print button % support on online editable pages · (update) online administration settings reorganized + option to disable my orders section in user’s back-end · (added) 3D option and bullets are now available in editable images dialog (when slideshow enabled) · (added) project settings, mysql, test mysql connection button · (fix) problems with LOGGED_INFO macro on protected pages · (fix) slideshow type I on intro page

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