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Estimator FreewareEstimator is an application oriented towards construction contractors, able to reduce the efforts that a contract estimation implies. With its aid, you can also conceive and print construction proposals. It is fit for small to medium sized construction companies that are in need of a quick tool for calculating and keeping tabs on projects and clients. Usage can be figured out along the way or learned with the aid of the built-in help file or the tutorial that is available on the developer’s website. Estimator is a Java-enabled application, but that’s the only third-party dependency needed for a successful runtime. It does not need installation, hence it is portable and does not affect the registry. The impression that results from the first acquaintance might not rule in its favor, due to the fact that the graphics aren’t all that impressive and the arrangement of the menus and dialogs is not the most inspired one. However, if you’ve ever experimented with a spreadsheet application, you have an upper advantage, as Estimator adopts a somewhat similar approach. A new record can be created right away with details such as a unique ID number, description, quantity, unit, price and total, which is calculated depending on the unit price. Costs can be managed in multiple ways; there are default cost types and project cost types that can be managed using separate modules. Also, costs and even estimations can be imported from Excel sheets, while proposals can be edit and printed using a series of dedicated dialogs. The overall feeling that Estimator creates is that of a cluttered environment that needs better graphics and a more user-oriented approach in what the menus are concerned. Learning how to use it can be a time consuming process, but on the bright side, it is free of cost.
Estimator is a lightweight application that you can use to create estimations for constructions and print them, together with the corresponding proposal. With this easy-to-use tool you can quickly make estimations for large contracts and generate the cost type library.  
What’s New 
  • Experimental Proposal print multiline descriptions of specifications

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