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epCheck 1.1.0 Build 1 FreewareepCheck can prove useful to anyone who enjoys watching TV series and wants to view a new episode as soon as it is made available to the public. With its help, you can keep track of archived and upcoming episodes and mark the ones you have already watched. The application relies on data downloaded from TheTVDB.com, which ensures that it can provide accurate information at all times. It can prove a handy tool in case you are watching multiple series at the same time, lending you a helping hand in remembering what episode is next for each TV show. The first step is to search for the desired series and add them to the database. Once the data is downloaded, the application displays it in an structured table, grouped by season and episode, along with the title and the release date. Clicking on an episode reveals a summary of the plot, as extracted from the Internet. The ‘Weekly’ section enables you to view archived, present and future episode, with color coded titles for easier identification. The right-click menu reveals options to search the episode online, using various search engines. There are a few customization options designed to assist you in configuring the application’s behavior. For instance, you can set the startup tab, the episode display format, change the refresh rate and set the number of past and future episodes to show. The extracted information can be easily exported to a CSV file and used with other applications. epCheck can be of great assistance in managing your favorite TV series, especially if you are watching more than one simultaneously. Since it grabs information from online sources, its reliability is unquestionable. However, there are some features that could add to its value, such as sound or visual notifications for new releases.
epCheck is a small utility that helps you search for upcoming episodes of your favorite TV series and view details about each. With epCheck, you will never miss an episode ever again, since data is downloaded from the Internet and refreshed periodically, so that you can find out about the launch of an episode as soon as it is available.
What’s New 
  • Made the “Adding series” splash box not always on top

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