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EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise TrialEMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise is a program that can automatically generate Windows installers, based on the given parameters. Thus, MSI files can be installed on remote computers, without needing the user’s attendance. The interface of the application is clean and simple to navigate through. The easiest way to start a new project is by using the wizard. So, you can create a MSI package which is based on real-time monitoring results or the installation settings available in the Project tree view. General MSI package attributes can be set when it comes to the file name, project name, manufacturer, language, version, user availability (for current or all users) and system reboot status. In addition, you can edit the product GUID and enable support for installation updates (optionally set the tool to ignore the language when upgrading the package and to block from downgrade). Plus, you can specify a command, URL or path to a program to be run before or after install or uninstall, customize supported operating systems and the MSI install mode (e.g. force all files to be installed, regardless of version), as well as edit summary and support information. Once a project is active, you can add new files, folders and shortcuts, insert registry keys and user environment variables (e.g. create if it doesn’t exist), as well as add services and check out a log file. EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise also lets you use a search function, decompile MSI packages, repair missing file links, as well as customize uninstall filters which revolve around the file system and registry. The application requires a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes a help file with online tutorials for all user levels. We have not come across any difficulties throughout our testing; EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise did not freeze, crash or display error dialogs.
EMCO MSI Package Builder is a must tool for network administrators who want to create custom installation files for their clients when installing different applications on their machines. EMCO MSI Package Builder allows you to build custom MSI installation packages in order to satisfy your requirements. You can now create your custom installations within a few minutes using EMCO MSI Package Builder without any complex scripting; a truly visual MSI builder. You can create your installations with just a few mouse clicks; all you need to know is the details about the installation that you want to bundle into a package. EMCO MSI Package Builder provides a project based interface that makes it easy for you to manage different MSI installation projects. It also enables you to capture an installation file and build your own customized installation based on it.
Here are some key features of “EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise”:
  • Real-time monitoring of existing installations and applications to create your own MSI packages from monitoring results
  • Visual creation of MSI packages does not require programming
  • System variable support, which enable you to install the created MSI on computers with different system configurations
  • Decompiling and editing of existing MSI files
  • Option to control file overwriting
  • File attributes support
  • Localized user interface and help files
  • 30 days trial
  • The product name cannot be changed
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • The application interface is completely reworked. The new UI has modern Ribbon-based look and was designed to simplify repackaging, MSI configuration and generation tasks. It features the following improvements:
  • The starting Welcome page with the list of main actions, help resources and recently opened projects
  • New data editors with the options to sort and filter the displayed data
  • New data management dialogs with the extended options
  • Improved wizards that are designed to simplify the main operations
  • Brand-new monitoring system with Intellectual Assistant:
  • Live Monitoring technology that tracks file system and registry changes was significantly improved. The new monitoring system increases repackaging success rate by 25% according to tests. The new system includes Intellectual Assistant that checks capturing results to problems and the application shows suggestions how to resolve them.
  • New repackaging method: installation wrapping:
  • The new installation repackaging method allows to …

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