Email Checker Pro 4.1 Build 073 Demo

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Email Checker Pro 4.1 Build 073 Demo

Checks validity for email addresses

Email Checker Pro is a handy and reliable application designed to verify whether the specified email addresses exist. Email Checker Pro is able to process a list of email addresses in batch mode. All you need to do is import the list and press the ‘Check’ button. The 3D pie chart allows you to view the percentage of correct email addresses from the imported list. Limitations: · You can only import 20 email address at a time What’s New  New Features: · Supports to customize the maximum number of checking threads, and changed the default value from 50 to 19. · Adds a new unsupported email server – · A little interface optimization. · Increased the update frequency for the statistics and 3D pie chart. · Optimized the import algorithm for Excel files. Bug Fixes: · Cannot export to the Excel file if the target file is in use. · If minimized the normal window, and activate it from the taskbar, the window size will be changed (referring the last size). · If the [Name] field (first field) has empty cell(s) in Excel documents, when import data from them will cause the dislocation values.

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