ECOMAC 0.266 PreAlpha Freeware

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ECOMAC 0.266 PreAlpha Freeware

Control the chromatographic process fast and easy

The ECOMAC is a Windows application designed to be used for controlling of chromatographic process, communication with chromatographic devices and storing data for next evaluation. Application supports variant devices for liquid chromatography such as pumps, detectors, column ovens etc., especially those produced by the company.
Here are some key features of “ECOMAC”:
  • Simple usage
  • Supporting ECOM’s devices with communication interface
  • General interpretation of devices and measured properties
  • Supporting variant export formats
  • Low hardware requirements for application itself
  • Runnable on all 32-bit Windows operation systems.
  • CPU Pentium/400Mhz,
  • 128 MB RAM,
  • 5 MB of diskspace for application itself and 200 MiB for measured data
What’s New
  • fixed timing problem caused by 32bit ms-timer limitation (implemented new function timer_GetTime() based on QueryPerformanceCounter())
  • modified all device timing (replacing timeGetTime() by timer_GetTime() or timer_GetTimeInt())

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