DNA Baser Trial

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DNA Baser Trial

The application offers you the possibility to create projects and open various files that contain information about DNA sequences

DNA Baser is a professional application designed for DNA sequence assembly, sequence analysis, contig editing and mutation detection. Using this application you can view and edit chromatograms as well as detect mutations of DNA sequences of one or more organisms. The tool automatically detects and trims the low quality regions of your sample, trims vector sequences, corrects ambiguities in your contig and saves the project to your hard drive. DNA Baser also allows you to assemble multiple DNA samples or to align them to a reference sequence. You can also import and analyze sequences from ABI, SCF, FASTA, TXT, GBK and SEQ.
Here are some key features of “DNA Baser”:
  • DNA features Batch assembly. Thousand of contigs can be assembled at once
  • DNA features Assemble to reference
  • DNA features Automatic cleaning (trimming) of the bad ends of chromatograms. Details
  • DNA features Synchronized display between chromatograms and contig, which makes the correction of ambiguous bases much faster and easier.
  • DNA features Proprietary algorithm for correction of the ambiguous bases.
  • DNA features A rapid navigation between mismatches. With just one click you can jump to the next mismatch.
  • DNA features Chromatogram viewer and editor (ABI and SCF).
  • DNA features Project map
  • DNA features Automatically save the contig to disk.
  • DNA features Automatic primer detection and vector removal.
  • DNA features Fast assembly algorithm.
  • Intel i3 Processor
  • 800×600 pixels monitor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 10 MB free space
  • 21 days trial
What’s New 
  • Major improvements:
  • The mutation detection module has been dramatically improved. The following modules have been added
  • – Single organism (Multiploid, Diploid) mutation detection
  • – Different organisms (Haploids, Multiploids, Diploids) mutation detection
  • Automatic homopolymers error correction added.
  • The new ‘Chromatogram Preview’ allows you to quickly asses the chromatograms as you work with them. Also shows statistics for the current selected file.
  • Mini-chromatogram (overview) in Chromatogram Preview panel.
  • Internal base caller – Blazing-fast proprietary algorithm that uses a sum of 7 different algorithms to compute the data accurately. Used to determine secondary peaks, uncalled peaks, and QV info.
  • Advanced SNP detection – Offers you the most accurate solutions on the market.
  • Automatically cut bad ends (NNNNNNNNNNNNNNs) in files that contain no quality scores (such FASTA).
  • The GUI workflow was also massively improved. The interface in now based on ‘T…

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