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DG Nest Pro 1.1.3 DemoDG Nest Pro is a comprehensive, practical and useful nesting solution worth having when you need to perform fast, precise and effective cutting processes. Designed mostly for textile, metal, wood and ship-building industries, DG Nest Pro comes in handy for users who need to cut various materials and get precise dimensions. In order to perform a successful nesting process, the drawing order must be respected. When you need to draw contours, it is more preferable to use polylines instead of single lines. Still, you must pay attention when you draw these kinds of lines because orphan short lines will cause bad geometry and you won’t be able to perform efficient nesting processes. What’s more, the application comes with two modes of loading DXF files. The first one allows you to choose the preferred DXF drawings by accessing the ‘File’ option, which is available in the main toolbar of the application. The second option allows you to import files from SheetCAM. After loading the DXF file you are interested in, all the objects will be automatically displayed in the left corner of the window. Still, before actually starting your first nesting session, you need the change the measurement units and the nesting angle range, set material density and thickness for area and weight calculation etc. Then, from the right-click menu, you are able to drag and drop each element from the current drawing. Also, if you want to get a detailed zooming, simply press the right button and use the mouse wheel. The focused area will be automatically positioned on center. Another important option is that you can easily calculate the area / weight of the current material, as well as switch the nesting table using the gray button that appears in the main window. All-in-all, DG Nest Pro proves to be a practical and effective application when you need to load your DXF drawings and perform nesting actions with ease.
DG Nest Pro is a reliable and useful CAD application that provides multi sheet/multi size sheet / automatic nesting. You can draw your own contours and move your scrap sheet over virtual table. Also, you can export them and use your drawings inside SheetCAM.
  • Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM Memory: 1GB minimum
  • Screen Resolution 17″ 1024 × 768
  • You have full functionality (automatic nesting) in period of two month. After that period you still have manual nesting.

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