Develve 0.9.18 Beta Freeware

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Develve 0.9.18 Beta Freeware

A professional application that delivers all the necessary tools for a fast interpretation of experimental and statistical data in various fields

Develve is a handy and reliable program designed to assist users in performing and interpreting statistical analysis. Develve is able to compare data sets, indicating whether the difference in average and variation is significant. It also detects if the sample size is large enough in order to prevent false assumptions.
  • Pentium PC or better
  • A 2Ghz CPU
  • 50MB free disk space
What’s New 
  • Add Save column for calculation in DOE mode
  • Add Save selected graph
  • Add increased Up to 100 levels
  • Fix Reopening bug when closing a popup window
  • Fix Size popups in some window modes
  • Fix Exlude cox box in DOE mode
  • Fix Size popups in some window versions
  • Fix Error t-test when there is no difference

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