DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor 2.6 Trial

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DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor 2.6 Trial

Monitors the network traffic from computers, servers, printers and other devices

DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor is a straight-forward application that collects information about network and Internet traffic. DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor is a handy tool that can create and display a wide variety of bandwidth related charts. The application allows you to view the statistics via diagrams and tables. You can monitor bandwidth usage through the SNMP protocol, WMI and remote agents. You can now manage your bandwidth traffic and learn where possible bottlenecks and disruptions occur. Here are some key features of “DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor”: DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor responds when critical values of speed, traffic volume and bugs in the network interface are exceeded in several ways: · Displaying a message on the screen · Sending the message via email · Sending the SMS · Launching the application with parameters · Outputting the sound alarm · Adding a record to the log file · Restarting / Stopping / Running service on a remote host · Rebooting / Turning off / Turning on computer · Realizing the VB or JS script Requirements: · 512 MB RAM Limitations: · 30-day trial · You can only create 3 sensors · Nag Screen What’s New  · Added the SNMP v2 protocol support in the SNMP traffic sensors. · Added ability to select time when creating traffic diagrams and statistics tables (in addition to dates). · Added ability to edit multiple hosts at a time. · Added ability to quickly disable all sensors for a host in its context menu (“Hosts | Disable/enable all sensors”). · Added moving several hosts from folder to folder.

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