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Decor8 1.07 TrialDecor8 makes your Windows 8 Metro interface and the lock screen fully customizable, enabling you to personalize modern UI area by using your own images and colors. With the help of this application, you can change the look of both the Start and the lock screen radically, since it enables you to choose the background picture and the color schemes. The usage is rather easy and the application comes with a preview function that allows you to take a peak at the result before actually applying the modifications. You can use Decor8 to change the background of the Start and the Lock Screens, either by using one of the beautiful images that the application comes with or by selecting an image file from your computer. Moreover, it enables you to select multiple images and set it to change the image periodically, at user-defined time intervals. Additionally, the program enables you to choose how the picture should fit your display. Stretching the background to fit the screen, centering or tiling it are some of the available alternatives, while the parallax scrolling option moves the background together with the elements on it. Also, there are some graphic effects that can be applied to the background image (fade, blur, color and contrast adjustments), enabling you to further enhance its appearance. The color scheme can also be customized and Decor8 can create one for each of your background pictures. The selected color scheme can also be applied to the charms bar. Another advantage that the application brings you is the possibility to set the number of tile rows that are displayed in the metro UI. By default, the configuration is automatically adapted to the screen resolution. Decor8 provides you with unlimited possibilities to visually customize the Windows 8 interface. You can use it to enjoy a personalized image slideshow in the modern UI and tweak the lock screen appearance according to your preferences.
Decor8 offers Windows 8 users the possibility to personalize the look of the Start Screen on their PC by rotating custom background images. In addition, this application can also come in handy to those who want to change the color scheme to a custom one, so that the Start Screen matches the theme they have installed on the computer.
Here are some key features of “Decor8”:
  • Choose one of the included background or your own photos
  • Rotate the background images at timed intervals
  • Modify the start screen color scheme
  • Change the number of rows of tiles from the start screen
  • 30 days trial period
What’s New 
  • Fix for report of start menu colors reverting to black
  • Fix for random option sometimes making Explorer windows jump to top
  • Fix for reports of high cpu usage on 8.1

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