Data Lizard 2.1 Trial

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Data Lizard 2.1 Trial

A simple and easy to use application that enables users to monitor their competitors’ prices and make their business more profitable

Data Lizard is a reliable utility that helps you create your own price strategy by providing a constant update concerning your competitor’s online store and the price trends of various products. The application can quickly help you discover if your prices are too high to be attractive, or too low to make enough profit, whether your competitors have already changed their prices or whether your competitors offer products which are more appealing than yours.  The Data Lizard can bring you out of the dark: it will notify you of your competition’s business information in real time and strengthen your core competence by letting you respond immediately. This your your products will be neither underpriced nor overpriced, thus optimizing and improving the converting rates. No matter how many products you have, no matter which currency you use, Data Lizard offers an economical and intelligent solution for you.
Here are some key features of “Data Lizard”:
  • Supporting most feeds loading in. It only takes a few seconds to complete load more than ten thousands product items and start to monitoring!
  • Supporting real-time monitoring. The shortest monitoring interval is one day, and our product will alert immediately if the prices of your monitoring goods are changing.
  • Providing Visual reports.
  • Supporting multi-windows monitoring. Our product provides a monitoring window for each product category, so with one simple glance, the customers can get the target commercial information clearly without any complex searching and calculation.
  • Supporting synchronizing access to websites. Our product will synchronizing includes the corresponding web pages for goods’ lists and detailed information.
  • Providing free supporting and training services. The server is provided for free to help our customers install our monitoring products online.
  • Providing the user-defined monitoring services(Customized Service)
  • 30-day trial period

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