Dashlane 2.3.3 Freeware

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Dashlane 2.3.3 FreewareIt is always advisable to keep your usernames and passwords in a secure place, so that no one else can access and use them. Dashlane can help you organize all your credentials within a password-protection application, thus ensuring that no unauthorized people can view them. When installing the app, you will be able to integrate it within the browsers you choose, as it automatically detects all installed compatible browsers. You will also need to create a dedicated Dashlane account and assign a master password that will be used to protect your data and to synchronize entries between several devices. As mentioned before, the application integrates within your browsers and allows you to quickly save your login details, so that the next time you access the same browser, it will automatically fill in the forms with the correct data. Additionally, whenever it detects a password that is not strong enough and it can be easily cracked, Dashlane displays a warning, encouraging you to change it as soon as possible. You can also add records manually within the app, by typing or pasting the website address, specifying the username and password, as well as assign a title to the entry. Furthermore, you can set Dashlane to automatically log in to the mentioned website or always require the master password. Another benefit of Dashlane is that it analyzes all your stored data and issues a rating that informs you of the detected vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords or unencrypted passphrases stored by browsers. You can also rely on Dashlane to manage your online payments by creating records for credit or debit cards, PayPal accounts or bank details. All in all, Dashlane can come in handy if you want to make absolutely sure that your private data cannot be accessed by third-parties and that your password cannot be cracked.
Dashlane is a comprehensive e-commerce manager that can help you save time when dealing with your multiple Internet accounts. By using Dashlane you have the possibility to securely manage and organize all your passwords, notes and credit codes. Due to Dashlane, the online experience can get more secure while enabling users to be more in control of their data.
What’s New 
  • New: Dashlane icon
  • New: Setting that allows you to turn off receipt capture
  • New: Setting that allows you to require your master password before auto-filling a specific login
  • New: Ability to make in-app purchases on Mac, including support for PayPal

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