Dart Editor 2013.10.28 Build Free

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Dart Editor 2013.10.28 Build Free

A powerful, open-source editor based on Eclipse components

Dart Editor is a useful tool that was designed in order to provide you with an easy to use means of writing programs. It is well-suited to modern app development and capable of high-performance implementations. In addition to editing Dart programs, you can use Dart Editor to invoke the Dart-to-JavaScript compiler and launch Dart-based web apps.
What’s New 
  • Dart scripts in HTML files have code completion, error reporting, hyperlink nav.
  • Propose private members in code completion if they are visible in current library.
  • Show problem sources in refactoring warning dialog and allow users to continue.
  • Smart indent should wrap into block only if already in a block.
  • Code completion: don’t insert argument list if there is one already.
  • Enabled the pause button for dartium debugger.
  • Added an ‘Inspect Library…’ context menu to the debugger.
  • Improved the discoverability of the expr eval area in the object inspector.
  • Detect chrome content script extensions when debugging, and warn the user.
  • Removed set/clear mark keybindings, so non-us keyboards can type ‘[‘ and ‘]’.
  • Changed calls to query() to querySelector() in webapp template.
  • Fix for selection on lines with string literal.
  • Fix for rename refactoring: private members can’t be references in other libraries.
  • Fix for jumping editor view left after save.
  • Fix an issue displaying large arrays in debu…

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