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Cyotek WebCopy FreewareCyotek WebCopy allows you to download the structure of en entire website to your computer, in order to prepare it for offline viewing. This comes in handy for situations when the Internet access is limited and helps you reduce the overall cost of the Internet connection. What the application actually does is crawl the selected website and generate a complete offline representation of its structure. All the content is downloaded to a user-defined location, but the links to all the resources are organized and remapped to point to the local path, allowing you to access webpages just as you would online. Ease of use is one of the main advantages that makes this application stand out. Users only have to enter the URL to be processed in order to begin the scanning process. In case a website contains too many webpages and storing the whole content occupies too much storage space on your hard drive, Cyotek WebCopy can be set to download just a portion or section of it. This task is carried out using simple rules, domain aliases, agent strings and regular expressions, for more advanced users. Furthermore, you can instruct the application to download an URL and include it in the offline copy, but not crawl it. Cyotek WebCopy also thought of situations when a website includes pages that require authentication. Thus, you can input credentials before proceeding to the actual analysis procedure or have the program prompt you for user names and passwords. Once the scanning process is finished, you can use the included link map viewer to view and filter the found URLs. Error reports and media resource statistical data is also available. To sum up, Cyotek WebCopy is a website scanning tool that can generate structure diagrams and create accurate local copies of websites in order to allow offline browsing. Its filtering capabilities, along with the flexible configuration options make it worth a try, especially since it comes with no price tag.
Cyotek WebCopy is a handy and reliable application created to generate local copies of websites for offline viewing. Cyotek WebCopy  will automatically crawl a website and download its contents, remapping links to other files to allow offline browsing. Cyotek WebCopy can authenticate with websites, post forms, and allows the use of rules to download only the content you wish.
What’s New
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a crash introduced in when running rules if the URI being processed was shorter than the base project URI
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when clearing the link map and the project did not have a valid URI
  • Fixed an issue introduced in when deleting items with the popup Rules and Forms editor, where the either the wrong item would be removed visually, or the software would crash.
  • Fixed an occasional crash introduced in moving items with the popup Rules and Forms editor. Note that the moving of rules and forms has no functional use and will be removed in a future version of the product. Also note that moving is performed on the underlying collection, not the visual display sort
  • Fixed a problem with the Rules, Forms and Password editors where it was often quite difficult to add new items via the popup editors as they kept trying to update a previous selection
  • Fixed an occasional crash after using the Quick Scan dialog

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