Cyotek Slicr Alpha Freeware

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Cyotek Slicr Alpha Freeware

Slice up images into separate files

Cyotek Slicr is a handy and reliable application designed to take a single source image and slice it into pieces. You can cut out only portions of an image, or slice up the entire image. Cyotek Slicr allows you to specify file names and image formats on a per slice basis and provides easy to use tools for either automatically slicing up an image or drawing your own custom slices.
What’s New
  • Changes and new features:
  • Added a new extension for importing Sprite Sheet Packer mapping files
  • Added a new /LOAD switch to the command line client. This new option allows command line switches to be stored in a separate file
  • Token menus now include environment variables
  • Added new Automatically reopen last document option, allowing the last used project to be automatically re-opened when starting the main Slicr client.
  • Updated the sample1.slyx sample file to include a template that generates Sprite Sheet Packer mapping files.
  • Setup will now offer to install the .NET Framework v4.0 if not already installed

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