CuteMarkEd 0.8.0 Free

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CuteMarkEd 0.8.0 Free

Create and edit markdown files using this open source application

CuteMarkEd is a reliable and easy to use Qt-based tool that enables you to edit markdown files and preview the HTML result while you are writing. This open source editor allows you to use code syntax and syntax highlighting of markdown documents, HTML preview and math expressions.
What’s New 
  • NEW Tool to insert a table in the markdown document
  • NEW Tool to insert an image link in the markdown document
  • NEW Support for Markdown Extra-style footnotes
  • NEW Menu item to switch between vertical and horizontal layout
  • NEW Added style Byword Dark
  • IMPROVED Added possibility to insert markdown markup (like bold, italic) without selection
  • IMPROVED Added support for code highlighting without internet connection
  • IMPROVED Added option to include javascript and CSS needed for code highlighting in the exported HTML
  • FIXED Resolved problems with adding symbols using Alt with numpad key by changing shortcuts for styles from Alt+1-6 to Ctrl+1-6
  • FIXED Several encoding problems were fixed.
  • German umlauts in table of contents
  • exported HTML was not marked as UTF-8
  • non-ascii characters with markdown markup like italic

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