Crunch 1.8.2 Freeware

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Crunch 1.8.2 Freeware

The LESS editor and compiler that almost makes it too easy.

Everyone loves LESS. After all, who isn’t tired of typing all the browser prefixes to make some awesome CSS3? But don’t you wish you could organize your LESS/CSS styles into some well-organized libraries, and then just serve a single file to the browser? Or render your page without relying on JavaScript or command-line geekery?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just edit LESS, and then save CSS? Yes, it would be great, and that’s why Crunch was created. To make your life great. After you edit your LESS, you simply Crunch it into a CSS file, then you link it in your HTML. And you’re done.
Here are some key features of “Crunch”:
  • Write your LESS markup.
  • Crunch it into a CSS file.
  • Link the crunched CSS file in your HTML.
What’s New 
  • Fix for Windows keybinding

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