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CopyTrans Photo 3.003 TrialCopyTrans Photo is an easy to understand software solution that you can use to transfer and backup image files from your iPod or iPhone, to your computer. It supports all popular image formats, so you do not have to convert your pictures to other extensions in order to store them on your device. In order to begin transferring, you only need to connect your device to the computer and it will automatically load the existing pictures from your device, allowing you to view, delete or move them to a newly created folder. A very useful feature of this application is the fact that it supports multiple Apple devices at the same time, thus enabling you to move photos from your iPod to your iPhone or the other way around, without having to connect one or the other. The “Explorer View” is a feature of the application that displays all the folders on your computer so you can easily select a whole directory of images and transfer it to your device. However, you might not want to transfer all the images from a folder, but only particular ones. CopyTrans Photo displays thumbnails of all the photos, that can be decreased or increased in size to give you a better view. As such, you can carefully choose which images you want to move (or skip), then transfer them using a drag and drop motion. The “Slideshow” component enables you to view the photos from your computer or Apple device and you can enjoy the memories they bring. Moreover, the program’s settings allow you add full resolution photos to your iPod or iPhone and auto-rotate the transferred images, so you don’t have to struggle when displaying them. Being a fairly simple to understand application, CopyTrans Photo can be an time-saving option for when you need to backup and copy images from or to your iPhone.
CopyTrans Photo is a practical and effective software solution worth having when you need to transfer, backup, copy or download your photos from your iPod to your PC. Just drag and drop your iPod photos to transfer them on your computer or to play them in a SlideShow. CopyTrans Photo is the ultimate backup, recovery and sharing tool for your iPod photos. Recover your beloved holiday souvenirs in just a few clicks and share them with your friends. With its intuitive interface, CopyTrans Photo lets you put your iPod pictures in a safe place in no time.
Here are some key features of “CopyTrans Photo”:
  • Full backup of your Photos stored on your iPod
  • Saves/Restores Photo albums of your iPod
  • SlideShow function
  • Unique sharing/backup content preparation for a smooth user experience
  • Main image formats support
  • 512Mb RAM
  • USB 2.0 recommended
  • iTunes 6 or above
  • 30-day trial and a maximum backup of 20 photos per session
  • Watermark on photos

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