Contour3DMS 1.4.3 Trial

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Contour3DMS 1.4.3 Trial

Plot Drill Hole/Sample Maps and Contour Maps

Contour3DMS is a Windows program for drawing and plotting drill hole/contour maps. A wide variety of options allow the plans to be customized to your requirements. Designed for presenting and interpreting geological field data, Contour3DMS consists of 3 integrated modules built into one application: 1.Spreadsheet Module for entering and editing data 2. Drill Hole/Sample Plotting Module for drawing and plotting drill hole/sample maps 3. 3D Contouring Module for plotting contour maps Get Contour3DMS and try it for yourself to fully assess its capabilities!
Here are some key features of “Contour3DMS”:
  • Plot and Draw Drill Hole/Sample Maps and Contour Maps
  • Gridding, Inverse Distance, Kriging, Contouring
  • 3D Surface Plots
  • Import Tab, Comma, Space, Semi-colon Delimited and Fixed Width Files.
  • Builtin Spreadsheet for Entering and Editing Data
  • Use Additional Windows Symbol Fonts
  • Optional Mineral Databases
  • Core Description Report Templates
  • Mapping Symbol Font with Bedding, Foliation, Fold, Fault, Lineation, Cleavage, Dyke and Joint Symbols Included
  • Auto or Manual Scales
  • Drawing and Text Tools Including Line, Box, Filled Box, Ellipse, Text, Symbol
  • Choice of Colors, Labels, Symbols and Fonts
  • Reference Charts Including Map Symbols, Rock Color, Timescale, Volume Estimation, Grainsize Charts
  • Printing and Clipboard Support, Print Vector and Bitmaps
  • Output to Bitmap or PDF Files
  • PDF Manual
  • 30 days or 40 runs trial
  • nag screen

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