CommonCents Trial

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CommonCents Trial

Powerful and smart personal envelope budgeting software

CommonCents is a smart, useful, and powerful budgeting and personal finance application. Even if you are new to envelope budgeting and to managing your finances with an envelope system, you will find CommonCents easy to learn and simple to use. It’s packed with powerful features, including automated transactions, checkbook-style registers, password protection, detailed financial reports, and much more.
Here are some key features of “CommonCents”:
  • Enhanced Data Encryption:
  • All of your financial data is stored in encrypted files and can be further protected with a private password so only you or those you authorize can access your data.
  • Local or Remote Storage:
  • CommonCents supports storing your data locally or remotely on a network storage device so you can access it from wherever you choose.
  • Backup and Recovery Manager:
  • A Backup and Recovery Manager is now embedded within CommonCents so you aren’t relying on another product to safeguard your data. No more starting all over to rebuild your financial files. You can easily back up your data and rest peacefully at night knowing that another copy exists should you ever need it.
  • Log Manager:
  • Should you ever encounter a problem, the new Log Manager keeps track of error messages to help us quickly identify and resolve any issues.
  • Options Manager:
  • The new Options Manager enables you to select how CommonCents auto-assigns envelopes for specific payees, when the system checks for updates, and the format for how dates are displayed. It also allows you to select from an expanded list of different currencies and the format in which they display.
  • Enhanced Budget Editor:
  • In the Budget Editor, we’ve added the ability to allocate your income by percentages or fixed amounts – and it still does all the math for you!
  • Enhanced Scheduling Options:
  • We’ve improved the scheduling options for recurring income and expenses, to provide increased flexibility and control. Enhancements include the ability to enter a budget allocation or expense “on-demand” and to schedule on a semimonthly basis. With all of the scheduling options now available, CommonCents works even better with your time frame.
  • Improved Importing Functionality:
  • Importing data downloaded from your financial institution is now even faster and more accurate. In the Import Manager, we’ve added a step that lets you view, edit, and assign all inbound transactions before posting them to the account register. This, combined with the improved ability to map payees to budget envelopes, has the potential to save you a lot of time and keystrokes.
  • Payee Manager:
  • The new Payee Manager enables you to easily edit, remove, and map payees.
  • Hot Keys:
  • A new set of “hot keys” for data entry has been implemented so your fingers don’t have to leave the keyboard.
  • Improved Transfer Options:
  • Transfers can now be made directly from the account register by selecting the account or envelope name from within the transaction drop down list. Recording the payment for your credit card bill from your checking account is now easier than ever.
  • Uses the “envelope” method of budgeting:
  • In CommonCents each category of your budget is represented by an envelope. Every paycheck will get distributed into these various envelopes. When you spend money on groceries, the money comes out of the groceries envelope. When you pay your rent, the money comes out of the rent envelope. This is a time-tested method of managing your money. It’s an easy way to know at a glance exactly how much money you have on hand and what it is allotted for.
  • Familiar checkbook-style registers:
  • CommonCents will be very familiar to anyone who has used a checkbook register. All of your income and expenses are recorded using a register system. Working in the registers is easy. In essence, it’s just like working in your checkbook register, except that CommonCents enables you to distribute your transactions to your budget envelopes, and it does all of the math for you.
  • Manage all of your financial accounts:
  • CommonCents handles all of your financial accounts, including checking, savings, cash, and credit card accounts, as well as other asset or liability accounts. This allows you to view at a glance your total financial assets and total financial liabilities.
  • Automate transactions and allocations:
  • Use the Schedule Manager to automatically perform reoccurring transactions. Do you receive a paycheck every week? Let CommonCents automatically record and distribute your income into your budget envelopes. Do you pay the rent every month? Let CommonCents automatically record the transaction as it takes the money out of your rent envelope. Simple.
  • Password protect your information:
  • CommonCents gives you the option of protecting your financial information with a personal password. Launching your CommonCents file can require that your password be entered before any information can be viewed. This can come in handy if you’re not the only person using your computer.
  • Detailed financial reports:
  • CommonCents enables you to produce very detailed financial reports. It comes with a set of default reports that you can customize to provide you with the precise financial information you need.
  • 45 days trial
  • Nag screen on program start
What’s New 
  • Fixes in this release:
  • Fixed an issue where sorting was not working correctly in the Reconcile Manager
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect percentage in the Asset/Liability graph
  • Fixed several issues related to scheduled transactions
  • Fixed an issue where the focus was lost in cancelling a delete confirmation in the Reconcile Editor
  • Fixed an issue with copying and pasting transactions

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