Clipjump 8.4 Freeware

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Clipjump 8.4 Freeware

A user-friendly clipboard management software utility that helps you store multiple items in the clipboard and choose which one should be pasted

Clipjump was created as a lightweight, simple and handy software that allows you to easily manage multiple clipboards. Clipjump is a tool that enables you to use multiple clipboards at the same time. Furthermore, Clipjump is easy to configure and can capture clipboard entries from any location. NOTE: You can manage the functions of the application using Clipjump Controller. Here are some key features of “Clipjump”: · Control clipboards with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V · Add selective data to the system clipboard · Fast clipboard switching · Clipboard Monitoring can be disabled · Can fix clipboards at certain positions What’s New  · Clipjump Channels now support unique names for channels. · Image File data is now copied with Copy File Data · Exporting and sharing clipboards is now possible via Export feature · Fixed the slow copying in Excel and other possible apps. · History tool is much better now, remembers user’s preferences for window positions and sizes and more… · Now possible to completely turn off History recording. · History tool shortcut can now be changed and disabled. · Tons of bug-fixes and minor improvements in all modules.

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