CheckDrive 2014 4.61 Freeware

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CheckDrive 2014 4.61 FreewareCheckDrive is an application developed to scan the hard-disk and repair any found errors. Pretty helpful in case you’re trying to fix any potential error that may occur after a system crash, CheckDrive boasts a rather eye-appealing GUI, with all options nicely organized in tabs. Starting a new drive check is as easy as choosing the item to be scanned, while a dedicated “Information” tab shows much more useful details. For example, it shows the hard drive name, type and size, drive name and size, hard disk health and number of partitions, file system and memory usage. The scanning process doesn’t take more than a few minutes and you’re highly recommended to avoid working on the computer before the task comes to an end. CheckDrive is most of the time a resource-friendly application, so it doesn’t affect the overall stability of the system. A few settings are also available to enable the so-called “Background Guard”, which monitors your system condition and automatically starts a drive check at a configured user interval. CheckDrive gets along very well with all Windows versions and although it was designed to perform such an important task, it doesn’t require more than basic computer knowledge. To sum up, CheckDrive is an app that does its job very well and, what’s more, it comes with a freeware license. Only a few apps on the market benefit from such a great set of features, so this one really deserves a shot.
CheckDrive is a handy and reliable application designed to help you check your hard drives for errors and malfunctions. This utility allows you to scan your drives and displays the results in a graphical manner, with various colors.
  • 30 days trial
  • Task scheduler is not available in the unregistered version
What’s New
  • Automatic checking: Check Drive, your hard disk (s) automatically Third, check on request. In the integrated task scheduler, you set the check interval and simultaneously activate the task. All with just one click.

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