Mobissue 1.2.13

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Mobissue 1.2.13 Mobissue 1.2.13

Mobissue is a feature-rich utility that enables you to create personalized content for mobile devices and publish it online or export it to your Mac. It can be used to design brochures, magazines, books, animations or even apps, and features an intuitive interface.

XviD4PSP 7.0 Build 148

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XviD4PSP 7.0 Build 148 XviD4PSP 7.0 Build 148

Video, audio and image files often need to be converted to other formats, to ensure they are playable on various media devices. If you normally use multiple applications to perform each of these tasks, you could benefit from a tool that integrates all of these functions in one package.

XviD4PSP is a powerful application that features a minimalistic design and aims to provide a complete solution to all your media conversion needs. It supports a broad range of video, audio and image formats, can process multiple files at once and includes codec presets for popular media devices.

TapPublisher 1.9.3 – 2.0.0 Beta 8

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TapPublisher 1.9.3 - 2.0.0 Beta 8 TapPublisher 1.9.3 - 2.0.0 Beta 8

TapPublisher is a user friendly Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to deliver media content through native iOS applications, even if you do not have programming skills.

The utility comes with a template for a mobile application which you can effortlessly personalize via an intuitive graphical user interface, allows you to test and preview the result, and then helps you publish the new iOS app in the Apple store.

Create your own iOS app with minimal effort via an intuitive GUI

The TapPublisher app template comes with multiple content modules: splashscreen, menu, news, Twitter, Instagram, photo sets, and videos. The first two are always included, while the other can be easily deactivated.

TapPublisher offers you the possibility to change the app name, icons, or the menu, navigation bar or toolbar appearance. Of course, you can also customize elements specific to each additional module.

Test your iOS utility on multiple devices and send it to the Apple App Store

Thanks to the built-in iOS simulator, TapPublisher enables you to see how would your app look like on an iPhone 4/5/6/6+. Furthermore, you can decide to test it on an actual device by making use of the TapPlayer app: connect to your TapPublisher account, upload the app to the cloud, and then launch the TapPlayer utility on your iPad or iPhone.

When you are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is press the “Publish” button and connect to your Apple account. The TapPublisher will verify if all the required assets are included, and uploads the project to the TapPublisher cloud to actually build the app.

Unsophisticated app creator that can help you design basic iOS apps

TapPublisher proposes a simple solution for developing iOS utilities even if you do not have programming skills: personalize the built-in template, add your on media content, and make use of the TapPublisher cloud to build and submit the new iOS utility to the Apple store.


    • 64-bit processor

Yapbam 0.18.3

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Yapbam 0.18.3 Yapbam 0.18.3

Managing personal finances is a task most of us wish we could avoid, as it is as time-consuming as it is tiresome. However, you can make your job a lot easier by using a specially designed utility that can perform many of the unpleasant calculations for you, and reduce the number of potential errors.

Quip 4.2

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Quip 4.2 Free Quip 4.2 Free

Placing your documents in the cloud has become a necessity lately given the different devices one uses on a daily basis. The need is even more stringent if you work with other people on the same projects.

Quip is an online service that offers you the possibility to edit text documents and spreadsheets in real time while enabling you to communicate with your team via chat.

Connect to your Quip account and experience the service in a native desktop client

The Quip desktop application enables you to take advantage of everything the service has to offer, without having to go through a web browser. The utility resembles greatly the web console but allows you to access the service through a desktop app.

Noteworthy is that you need to sing up for a Quip account first: the free subscription plan comes with extensive limitations, so you might want to consider registering for a business or enterprise plan.

Moreover, considering your documents will be stored in the Quip cloud, you might want to read more about the service’s privacy policy and security measures.

Edit documents, chat with your colleagues, and manage your contacts

Quip allows you to work in both online or offline mode, making sure to upload all the modifications whenever you connect your Mac to the internet.

On top of the document editing and sharing capabilities, the service also integrates simple chat tools that can help you communicate with your team in no time.

Needless to say, all your team members must register for a Quip account, and you can easily add them to your contact list by providing their email address.

The best part is that Quip can send alerts via the Notifications Center, so you can always know who is trying to contact you, or is working on a project.


    • Quip account
    • 64-bit processor

Output Factory 1.5.38

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Output Factory 1.5.38 Output Factory 1.5.38Output Factory is a simple, easy to use tool that automates printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign. With just a click of a button you can activate batch printing, layer versioning, automatic preflighting, file delivery and much more. Just select InDesign files, adjust the settings and Output Factory will do the rest for you.