VirtualC64 – 1.0 RC 4

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VirtualC64 - 1.0 RC 4 VirtualC64 - 1.0 RC 4VirtualC64 is a free and open source application that emulates a Commodore 64 personal computer on your Macintosh. Compatibility VirtualC64 utilizes a cycle based simulation engine to achieve high compatibility. Although cycle accurate emulation consumes more computing time than, e.g., line based emulation, all modern machines provide enough computing power to imitate a C64 in real-time. Please note that VirtualC64 is still beta! It does not yet reach the awesome compatibility of the classical emulators such as Frodo, Vice, or CSS. However, plenty of games are already running and the list of compatible applications grows with every new release. Right now, VirtualC64 supports the following file formats: D64, T64, PRG, P00.

Stencyl 3.3.2 Build 8670

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Stencyl 3.3.2 Build 8670 Stencyl 3.3.2 Build 8670

Stencyl is a game development suite that enables you to create and publish new titles for Mac, iOS, Windows, Adobe Flash, or Android without having to write any code.

The application comes with an intuitive workflow and offers you the possibility to accelerate the development process by using simple yet efficient tools to deal with basic tasks.

DVD-Cloner 4.70 Build 618

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DVD-Cloner 4.70 Build 618 DVD-Cloner 4.70 Build 618

DVD-Cloner is a handy and reliable DVD backup and burn application for your Mac that helps you to easily copy, clone and burn DVD content to your Mac’s hard disk or another disc.

Intuitive interface that offers you quick and easy access to the needed tools and features

DVD-Cloner comes with a well-designed 3D interface that helps you make faithful DVD backups like 1:1 DVD backups, movie only backup and custom backups. With the help of UMT you can enjoy the highest quality backups of your DVDs.

What is more, DVD-Cloner is capable to backup DVD movies in the PAL and NTSC format, as well as scratched DVD movies. Consequently, you can use DVD-Cloner to backup your expensive DVD collection and avoid damaging your discs.

Handy ISO and DVD burner that helps you backup your data on discs

Moreover, you can use DVD-Cloner to burn ISO files and DVD folders from your hard disk to DVD discs with just a couple of mouse clicks. You just have to select the source file or disc, the optical units and decide what type of DVD you want to make.

Hence, you can make a movie only DVD, make a faithful copy or custom DVD. Furthermore, DVD-Cloner offers three menu templates that you can use to make your personalized DVD. You can even change the background image with a picture from your collection.

Adjust the burning speed and select the suitable burning method with ease

By accessing the Advanced Setup window, you can quickly set the temporary directory path, allocate the desired DVD-5 disc size, choose the preferred burn method and Read I/O. In addition, you can set the burn speed and configure DVD-Cloner to delete temporary files when the copying process is completed.

DVD-Cloner is also capable to keep menus when splitting a DVD-9 movie to two DVD-5 disc. More experienced users can enable or disable the Smart Analyzer before reading the disk and configure DVD-Cloner to add the .dvdmedia suffix to the DVD folder on the hard disk.


    • Intel or PPC 1.0GHZ
    • Memory: 1G
    • Free hard disk: 8.5G
    • One DVD burner


  • This demo version can only make a partial DVD copy


  • 1:1 DVD backup
  • Movie only backup
  • Keeps the original quality
  • Supports backing up DVD movies to ISO
  • Select the burn speed and target disc
  • Preview the movie and special features
  • UMT backups
  • Supports rewritable and dual layer disks

StitchBuddy 2.10.3 Build 837

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StitchBuddy 2.10.3 Build 837 StitchBuddy 2.10.3 Build 837

StitchBuddy is a feature-rich OS X application that enables you to view and edit embroidery designs saved to numerous file formats on your Mac.

It goes without saying that this app is aimed at enthusiasts, but its smart and intuitive design means it is suitable for any user, regardless of their level of technical experience. If you are interested in taking up embroidery as a hobby, we would definitely recommend StitchBuddy as your digital aid.

Skim 1.4.13

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Skim 1.4.13 Skim 1.4.13

The Apple vetted Preview application that comes as a built utility within Mac OS X is able to open PDF documents and even includes basic annotation tools: you can underline text, add text boxes, thoughts bubbles, and so on.

Skim is an open source project that includes all these basic PDF management functions, but also offers support for working with AppleScript, Apple Remote Control, LaTeX, SyncTeX, BibDesk, and more.