Caché Monitor 2.03 Freeware

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Caché Monitor 2.03 Freeware

Integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing and administering various components of InterSystems database Caché

Caché Monitor was designed as a Java-based SQL development utility for Intersystems database Cache. Caché Monitor combines tools with a smart sql editor to provide easy access for Caché developers and administrators to the database. NOTE: If you want to connect to multiple servers you can choose to buy another edition of the software from here. Here are some key features of “Caché Monitor”: · Handles multiple connections. · Asynchronous database communication · Server Navigator · Object Explorer · Query Analyzer · Fast SQL Query Editor (SQL Query Analyzer) for creating SQL queries with Color coding of Caché SQL keywords to minimize syntax and spelling errors (Syntax highlighting). Caché-SQL Code completion provide context sensitiv information about database objects (Tables,Views,Columns and Indexes), also known as Intellisense. SQL Code formatting. The graphical SQL execution plan uses icons to represent the execution of statements and sql queries in InterSystens Cachè. This graphical approach is very useful for understanding the performance characteristics of a sql query. · SQL History · Caché Monitor automatically saves every SQL statement executed against InterSystems Caché. These statements can be searched and recalled. · Tools / Performance Management · Tool to analyze performance by identifying slowly executing queries Requirements: · Java Limitations: · The Home Edition can only support connections to Caché Servers that are on the same maschine (localhost) What’s New  · ENH : Encypted passwords · ENH : Open Cache Terminal on selected Server · ENH : Open Windows-Explorer on Caché Monitor homefolder · ENH : Auto driver download · ENH : Include Caché 2013.1 driver support · ENH : Code folding in SQL Editor between the batch seperator GO · ENH : Save\restore frame size and position

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