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Button Builder 1.0 Build 12 TrialButton Builder assists you in creating stylish CSS buttons and integrating them in your webpage, which can help you change the overall appearance of the entire website. The application is intuitive enough to have beginner web designers easily build responsive buttons, with elegant fonts and effects. Most of the interface is occupied by the preview window that shows you how the button looks in regular mode, when it is active and on mouseover. The controls are neatly displayed on the right side of the window and organized to help you change the displayed text and the linked webpage, fonts and colors. With the help of Button Builder, you can create buttons that display a second level text, with the purpose to explain the message to your visitors and get their attention. Moreover, the text can be updated when the button is hovered over. Every aspect of the design is customizable, from the button dimensions (width, height) and its appearance to the text position and the shadow effects. You can modify its look by changing the background color, apply linear or radial gradient effects or use one of the images in the predefined collection or a locally stored picture as background. Buttons can have borders, round or rectangular corners, while the shadow effect is designed to make it stand out from all the other elements on a webpage. The application comes with a diverse collection of special fonts that you can use to generate appealing projects. Icons can be added on top of the button, alongside the texts. The application enables you to preview the newly created button using all the major web browsers installed on your computer. The main advantage of Button Builder is that is allows button design without requiring coding knowledge, enabling you to focus on the aspect, rather than the code syntax. The code is automatically generated when exporting the project. It can be sent to the clipboard with a single click and then pasted in the template of your website. Button Builder helps you craft great looking and fast-loading buttons that adapt depending on display space and context. You can have them change size, swap out text, or adjust contrast and font size to battle glare on mobile devices. A big fat button designed for large screens can even be transformed into a stylish icon for smaller display situations.

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