Bubble Chart Pro Optimal 5.11 Demo

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Bubble Chart Pro Optimal 5.11 Demo

Select your bubble chart parameters using drop down menus, then create a beautiful bubble chart and drag the bubbles around to modify your data within minutes

Bubble Chart Pro Optimal is a reliable and comprehensive application designed to analyze and visualize your business data using insightful and colorful bubble charts. Bubble Chart Pro Optimal is completely customizable. You can build thousands of decision models, portfolios, and charts that manage and analyze thousands of projects. The Bubble Chart Pro Optimizer lets you check millions of possible portfolios to find optimal project selection. Requirements: · Pentium 4 minimum · 1 GB RAM minimum · 1024 X 768 monitor resolution Limitations: · A “Demonstration Version” watermark is displayed across the bubble charts. · Bubble graphs and portfolios are limited to 10 projects.

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