Blue Cat’s Liny EQ 5.02 Demo

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Blue Cat's Liny EQ 5.02 Demo

A 9 bands linear phase equalizer

The Blue Cat’s Liny EQ plugin was designed to be a 9 bands linear phase equalizer. It processes the signal without the usual phase distortion most classical digital EQs produce. Its wide range of gain (+/-40 dB per band) makes it suitable for any sound sculpting to subtle final mix equalization task.  The Smooth Update mechanism has been included in this plug-in so that you can automate the equalizer in your favorite sequencer or use the MIDI capabilities of your sequencer to control it in real time. You will get an absolutely zipper-free continuous time-varying equalization. This equalizer also has a very small latency (less than 3 milliseconds), making it unique on the market. It is THE absolutely real-time linear phase equalizer.
Here are some key features of “Blue Cat’s Liny EQ”:
  • Linear phase equalizer
  • 40 dB range
  • Automatic gain compensation
  • Very short latency: 2.9 ms (128 samples at 44,1 kHz)
  • One single instance of the plug-in per session
  • The effect is bypassed for 3 seconds every 20 seconds
What’s New
  • New Features:
  • Audio Suite support for offline processing in Pro Tools (AAX).
  • Copy/paste the plug-in’s current state from the presets menu using the system clipboard.
  • Improvements:
  • Reduced the plug-in’s memory usage.
  • Windows VST Installer now remembers where the plug-in was initially installed to simplify upgrades.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • (Win) Alt-Click on a control now resets the value to default in Pro Tools, as expected.
  • Fixed version number reported to host application for VST and Audio Unit versions.

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