BlissRADIUS 3.4.5 Demo

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BlissRADIUS 3.4.5 Demo

An application that can help those with administrative knowledge

If you are ISP in wireless (or other type) providing business and have simple needs, small resources or administrative knowledge, You might be interested in BlissRADIUS. BlissRADIUS is an application for both users and administrators.
Here are some key features of “BlissRADIUS”:
  • For the managers:
  • Native build RADIUS accounting & billing software that honors RFC’s
  • Works with any RFC compliant NAS, aims for easy wireless network authentication
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • All control trough admin & user portal using browser
  • All features in one box – no need for separate database, web or RADIUS software or server
  • Multilingual support – new translations can be added easily
  • Account types generator
  • Extendable dictionaries
  • Adjustable access privileges
  • Flexible assignment of RADIUS reply attributes defined on 4 levels
  • For the administrators:
  • Simplest installation possible – just unzip files and run
  • No library or executable dependencies of any sort, whole package is in one folder
  • All servers (http, database and RADIUS) run in same process
  • Server is build and compiled to machine code using low level language for speed and small size
  • Compiled binaries for Windows and Linux
  • All data is stored to single SQLite database file
  • Uses in memory caching for high speed, RAM requirements depend on number of users
  • For flexible deployment, Windows version runs nicely under Wine on Linux
  • Complete freedom to move existing & running installation from Windows to Linux and back as easy as moving files
  • Easy automated upgrade by replacing all files except database file and running server again
  • limited number of users and concurrent online sessions
What’s New
  • added: update tolerance to NAS settings, configurable number of failed updates before taking action
  • added: MAC/CallingID authentication
  • added: global override for RADIUS attributes
  • added: database vaccum/analyze performed each night
  • changed: backup max size is now in GB
  • changed: mail queue/sms queue pages moved to monitoring section
  • changed: monitoring -> authlog report now shows more data
  • changed: max_sim_use of 0 is used instead of -1 for default value
  • changed: NAS update interval is 60 seconds by default now, it must be set to > 0
  • fixed: global IP pool/RADIUS reply attributes / max_sim_use not used as they should
  • removed: category for account types as it is not used for anything
  • WHMCS breaking change: all WHMCS hosts now must have ID set in hosts list (ID must be greater than 0)

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