BlackBeltPrivacy 3.01.2014.01 Freeware

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BlackBeltPrivacy 3.01.2014.01 Freeware

Share valuable data with this handy tool

BlackBeltPrivacy was specially designed as an Open Source and easy-to-use collaboration software that allows you to perform secure transfers so that designers and developers can use it to share important or confidential designs and data. Tor is integrated in order to help you keep safe online and WASTE enables secure content exchange. BlackBeltPrivacy comes included with Tor, Tor Button, Vidalia, ObfsProxy and WASTE. Now, you can make use of this accessible piece of software to easily and quickly share data.
Here are some key features of “BlackBeltPrivacy”:
  • 5 Modes, Standard / Censored Client, Bridge(default), Relay and Exit – chosen by you.
  • Friendly support provided, via WASTE darkNet().
  • No additional configuration necessary for server, client or darkNet()
  • All browsers supported. Point them to localhost:9050 via socks4a
  • Cross-platform
What’s New 
  • Tor updated to latest beta and waste updated to latest beta

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