Bing Satellite Superget 6.12.3 Demo

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Bing Satellite Superget 6.12.3 Demo

The application allows you to download map regions of various shapes from Bing Maps and export them to your computer as image files

Bing Satellite Superget is a smart tool which can help you download small tile satellite images. Using the application you can save maps as one or as many images to formats such as JPG and TIFF.
Here are some key features of “Bing Satellite Superget”:
  • View maps online
  • Create a new task
  • Check task process
  • Check downloading process
  • Check downloaded result
  • Export & Union downloaded images
  • Internet connection
  • Watermark on output files
  • Partial export of the images
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Add Website tab.
  • Add Forum tab.
  • Update Satellite maps

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