Big Business 8.8.0 Build 3350 Trial

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Big Business 8.8.0 Build 3350 Trial

A practical software solution that works behind the scenes to manage sales quotes, mailing lists, stock levels, shipments, payments, receivables, etc

Big Business is a handy and comprehensive application that helps you to manage and organize your vendors, customers and employees, track database inventory etc. Manage Your Entire Company with a Single Program Big Business combines sales automation, a marketing database, contact management, inventory tracking, and full-featured accounting to run your entire company. While you concentrate on serving your customers and increasing sales, Big Business works behind the scenes to manage sales quotes, mailing lists, stock levels, shipments, payments, receivables, and more. Designed especially for businesses that buy or sell products, Big Business has 90 company templates for retail, wholesale, distribution, and more. And, with its multi-user, client/server version or Web Server add-on, Big Business grows with your company to help you make it big! Perform Accounting Painlessly With Big Business, you don’t need to know anything about accounting to manage your company’s finances! You just create invoices and enter payments, and Big Business does all the accounting for you in the background. At the click of a button, Big Business tells you how sales programs, marketing campaigns, and inventory levels are affecting your bottom line. You know at a glance which customers are overdue, what bills you need to pay, how much cash you have on hand, and more. Benefit From A Top-Rated Interface The Big Business interface is so logical and graphical that learning the software is fast and easy. In fact, Big Business has received top ratings from numerous industry publications for its unprecedented ease of use. Let Your Company Grow Big Business can grow with your company, so you never outgrow your business management software. Start with the single-user version and move up to the multi-user, client/server version as your company grows. Or, upgrade to the Big Business Web Server add-on to give local and remote users access to your data through a standard Web browser. Like Big Business, the Web Server gives you full control over a multi-level password system to ensure data security. Big Business puts all the tools you need to manage your business at your fingertips. With its innovative internet catalog creation, integrated business management features, Web Server add-on, and client/server version, Big Business for Windows provides the tools for running your business, and making it big! Introducing the First Integrated Small Business Management Software  Finally, the powerful tools used by big companies are available in a single, do-it-yourself program that grows with your business. With its intuitive interface and integrated features, Big Business can help your company be more productive, competitive, and successful. Increase Sales Big Business helps increase sales and overall performance. You can generate professional sales quotes easily and turn them into orders with a few keystrokes. Just type the first few letters of an entry, and Big Business automatically fills in the information for you. Follow-up reminders help convert the quotes into orders, while complete order processing gets products and invoices out the door. You can even see the profitability of every transaction at any time. Big Business tracks credit limits and terms, so you know who can place orders, whose payments are due, and when. Easy payment processing improves cash flow and profits on every sale. Start a Successful Marketing Program that Sells Using Big Business, you can focus your marketing efforts on the customers that count. An integrated marketing database gives you current data on when and what your customers buy, so it’s easy to track results and drive your marketing message home. And to get that marketing out the door, Big Business prints labels and envelopes for any group of customers you select. Control Inventory Easily Big Business lets you maximize turns and minimize backorders on all your inventory items. Because Big Business can automatically reorder items, you spend more time selling and less time purchasing. The real-time item histories help you manage inventory levels and identify problem products before they cost you money. You can set five price levels for each item, create builds and bundles, and charge international tax rates for foreign sales. Perform Accounting Painlessly Big Business works in the background to manage your company’s cash and keep your books straight. You simply use familiar forms like checks, deposit slips, and invoices on-screen and all your accounting needs, including a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and purchasing, are managed for you. You can retrieve invoices immediately and take advantage of vendor discounts and payment terms automatically. And it’s easy to create financial reports and statements just choose one of Big Business’ pre-made, analytical reports or create your own. Get on the Internet At the click of a button, Big Business makes Web pages of items in your inventory, complete with the proper links to sub-pages. Without learning HTML, you can have on-line catalogs of the products and services you sell, reaching millions of potential customers with minimal effort or Web experience. Grow Your Company Big Business is based on a client/server architecture that grows with your company. Start with a single-user version of Big Business and, as your company grows, add more users to the system to increase productivity and workflow even more. You have complete control over a multi-level password system to protect important company data. With easy-to-use screens, a customizable toolbar, and on-line help, Big Business gives you the tools to build a better business now.
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB
  • 30 days or 100 launches

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