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Bell Office FreewareWhen working on your work reports or your school assignments on the PC, you often need to use various types of applications, not only a word processor for actually typing your texts. This is where Bell Office can come in handy as it is a suite of components meant to simplify your work. When installing Bell Office, you will need to choose the utilities you need, such as a word editor, a timetable, a reminder, a calendar, an image viewer or a bookmark manager. You can choose to install all of them, then decide if they are useful or not, since they are freeware apps. The word processor features an intuitive interface that enables you to quickly start typing your homework without any distraction. The app comes with a built-in counter for words, characters and lines, so you will not need to rely on additional third-party apps for this purpose. Needless to say, you will be able to change the text alignment, font type and size, as well as the colors or the text style. You can also insert the current date and time, an image or a table. The bookmark manager can help you organize and sort the links you find interesting when browsing the web and you can assign each entry a relevant name. The image viewer supports not only the most popular formats, like JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or GIF, but also SVG and WEBP. You can enjoy your pics in a full-screen slideshow, rotate them or navigate to the next or previous file. Due to the reminder tool, you can make sure you will not forget about any upcoming appointment, while the calendar allows you to organize your events and ensure they do not overlap. You can also rely on the timetable to manage your daily classes or courses. Overall, Bell Office can provide you with various tools you might require when working on a project on your PC.
Bell Office is a useful and handy package of applications that enable you to easily manage important events, schedule multiple reminders, view images and edit text files. With the help of Bell Office you have the possibility to write RTF files, create schedules, download various images from the Internet, as well as to manage bookmarks to links and applications.
What’s New 
  • Bell Photo Viewer:
  • A new settings screen was added, that enables you to monitore image slideshow and the changing of image.
  • Download image bug was fixed.
  • Now you can download files that are not at .jpg
  • Bell Reminder:
  • When you select a reminder, the date of creation and the last edit date are shown.
  • Installation:
  • The resize bug was fixed.
  • Bell Bookmarks:
  • The startup check bug was fixed.

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