BaWaMI 0.5.115 Freeware

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BaWaMI 0.5.115 Freeware

MIDI synthesizer you can use

BaWaMI was created as a user-friendly and reliable MIDI software synthesizer. BaWaMI is a tool that can easily play MIDI files. Furthermore, the program can also be used to play live MIDI input. BaWaMI is an app that makes use of subtractive synthesis to generate electronic, retro, and simple sounds.
Here are some key features of “BaWaMI”:
  • Can change the maximum number of playing notes from 1 to 255
  • Lock or override the instrument, volume or expression for each MIDI channel
  • Advanced abilities include chorus and reverb effects, portamento, custom modulation strength/speed, channel filter, sustain pedal, custom loop points in MIDI files, multiple percussion channels
  • Can play sounds on the PC speaker
  • Can use ASIO
  • A dual-core or hyperthreaded CPU is highly recommended
What’s New 
  • The bug of crashing when exiting made it dangerous to use the “-invisible” command line parameter often, as many Windows crash-reporting processes could quickly build up in the background. However, it’s now safe to use.

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