BATE Trial

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BATE Trial

An application that calculates pH of weak/strong acid/base mixtures and their titration curves of strong/weak/polyprotic acid and base

BATE will calculate the pH in mixed solutions of base and acid with up to 4 dissociation steps and titration curves for these acids and bases. Ionic strentgh can be calculated from the dissociated forms concentrations, omitted or forced upon the solution. BATE contains editable database of common weak acids and bases and accepts acid and base dissociation constants and protonation constants as input, calculating all other types of constants as needed.  Built in calculator allows easy calculation of molar masses and concentrations for a given substance formula. Printouts describing equlibrium contain information of concentrations and activties of all ions present in the solution, together with activity coefficients (if applicable). Titration printouts contain titration curves for both titrations (acid/base and base/acid) and pH of all end points. Extensive tutorial and help. Very low hardware requirements – if your Windows start, BATE will work.
Here are some key features of “BATE”:
  • BATE can calculate pH of any mixture of strong/weak acid and base with up to four dissociation steps each. Such mixtures includes most salts and buffers.
  • BATE can predict shape of virtually any acid/base titration curve.
  • Ionic strength of the solution can be ignored, calculated, or forced.
  • Built in expandable acid and base database.
  • Built in concentration calculator.
  • Several easy ways of defining solution constitution.
  • Calculation results and titration curves can be printed for further reference.
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen

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