BasicINI 1.1.2 Freeware

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BasicINI 1.1.2 FreewareBasicINI provides you with a very basic INI file format oriented editor for better management of these type of files for beginners and more advanced users as well. First things first, this particular type of file format is well known within the community for its configuration nature for most Windows software. The INI format sits somewhere between the standard text format and the XML (Extensible Markup Language) format due to its structure which, although primitive, comprises sections alongside their correspondent properties. In early Windows editions as well as MS-DOS, the INI format had a great deal of significance because it was given the job to perform the configuration of the operating system as well as applications through drivers, startup launchers, font and everything that was needed to boot into the Windows installation. While its importance has somehow decreased in the past years as Microsoft switched most of its attention to the registry introduced with Windows NT, the INI file format still holds its ground pretty well. In hasn’t been totally left out of the picture and many of you may know that a lot of drivers still rely on this specific file format. BasicINI does not even try to impress someone with its looks as it only offers the necessary tools to work with INI files. You can save your loaded files to XML format, insert comments, set up the font style within the application, switch between dynamic and manual editing as well as choose from various views such as top most, transparent mode or full screen. The bottom line with BasicINI is that it somehow manages to stay on top of the Notepad application in some areas, but there isn’t any special thing about it. It comes as simple as it can be and, although it could be upgraded in the future, for now, it is a rather plain application with nothing to stand up from the crowd.
BasicINI may also allow non-experienced users to easily modify their INI files and learn about it. With this tool you may Open, Save, Save as, and even Save As XML. In addition, BasicINI also provides the basic features like Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. are also included.
What’s New
  • The ability to integrate with Windows Context Menu

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