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Audials Mediaraptor 11.0.46200.0 DemoThe Internet holds a wide collection of video and music files which is easy to access at all times. Audials Mediaraptor is a nice program that was designed to search, capture and convert media files from the Internet. The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, so it should be easy to figure out by all users.  The program can search for music with the help of a built-in tool. The app looks into multiple sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. It can search for videos or music only or both at the same time. Some filters are available, enabling you to show only the Top Hits and to hide rare matches. The clips can then be saved to the computer either into video or audio formats. When the program is ripping the files from the Internet, they appear in a list complete with name, domain, time, size and status. Since the app supports batch processing, you may load numerous videos at the same time. It’s also possible to record live streams and automatically break them into separate music files. This can be particularly useful if you often listen to online radio stations. Furthermore, files can be exported straight to a device. For instance, you may burn a CD or DVD or create ringtones and send them to the mobile phone. All in all, Audials Mediaraptor is a great tool that is sure to meet most of your needs. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and the app’s overall simplicity.
Audials Mediaraptor is a powerfull program that allows you to search, capture and convert media files from the Internet. Imagine: videos and music clips from the most famous TV music channels and numerous other video portals on the Internet instantly available on any PC or video-enabled device. Audials Mediaraptor’s fast-find and automatic downloading functions put never-ending entertainment at your fingertips – at home and on-the-go. Just point, click, and instantly find. Videoraptor automatically downloads the videos you view as MP4, WMV or FLV files! Looking for a specific music title or music video of your favorite star? Look no further. Just enter your heart’s desire into the search bar and Audials Mediaraptor tracks it down by searching in parallel through multiple audio and video portals—for example, YouTube, Yahoo Music and Vimeo. Simply select the titles you want from the search results and Audials Mediaraptor records them with a single click. Record streams and automatically break them up into separate music files Social music platforms like allow you to design your own radio program. Thanks to Audials Mediaraptor, you can record your personal radio broadcast on the spot and automatically save each title as a separate, correctly named music file—in any desired format. And it works with any Web site—even streaming services like simfy! Extendable architecture keeps you in step with the expanding musical universe Audials has a plug-in architecture. Plug-ins make music sources like YouTube available to the Audials search facility. The standard plug-ins delivered with Audials can be configured to self-update, automatically keeping them in step with developing technology. Additional plug-ins can of course be added over time to enable Audials to search new sources that appear on the Internet. Because the programming interface for plug-ins is open, other Audials users are able to develop plug-ins for their own favorite search sources and share them with the general Audials user community in the corresponding plug-in forum. Through plug-ins, you’re able to fine-tune Audials to use even more sources to target and find your favorite albums and today’s chart hits. It’s incredible: visit any desired Internet site, watch any video, listen to any music, and voilà!—Audials Mediaraptor records it for you. And as a special extra, whenever embedded MP3 music is detected on a Web page, Audials Mediaraptor offers to record it for you without requiring you to play it first! Audials Mediaraptor makes downloading free entertainment from YouTube and many other popular portals easy and fast. Whether SD or HD films, or Flash videos (FLV) sent to your browser via a streaming service, Audials records simply everything. And if desired, Audials will automatically convert everything into the right format for your mobile phone or iPod and even copy it directly onto your device. After every recording session, Audials Mediaraptor helps bring your music collection to a state of perfection by automatically enriching it with ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics. The Media Manager makes it as easy as child’s play to sort even the largest collection using nearly any criteria—for example by album or artist. Always want to have your media with you? Audials provides you with convenient functions for synchronizing your media with USB devices. Not the type to schlep devices around? Audials helps here as well: simply upload your must-have tracks onto an online music storage platform like MP3tunes and they’ll always be within reach. Only Audials Mediaraptor has the robust features required to satisfying your otherwise insatiable craving for free entertainment. With Audials Mediaraptor, you can quickly find and record individual music tracks and videos. The Web Recorder ensures every video you watch on the Internet automatically lands on your hard disk—of course, always in the right file format. File formats for your cell phone, Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and all mobile. With the Media Manager, you can automatically sort your media collection with ease, enrich your media with ID3 tags, cover artwork and lyrics, burn your media onto DVD or CD and synchronize it with your mobile devices. A Media Player with support for playlists rounds out Audials’ comprehensive power.
Here are some key features of “Audials Mediaraptor”:
  • Simultaneously search numerous Internet portals for songs and music videos
  • Simultaneously search Youtube, Myvideo, Vimeo, Clipfish, etc.
  • Artist catalog sorts search results into a discography for easy access
  • Save music videos with just a click
  • Save the audio track from music videos as an audio file (e.g. MP3) with just a click
  • Label the best hits, sort search results by rating
  • Expanded search via plugins. Use the plugin-community to access dozens of additional sources
  • Automatically converts files into the desired audio or video format
  • Add album artwork, ID3 tags and song lyrics via additional tag meta searches
  • Supports samplers and ‘Best Of’ albums (i.e. all songs on samplers are searched)
  • Record as many located songs/music video as you want at the same time
  • Record audio files from the network layer while separating those files into individual songs
  • Record any audio file with fingerprint-based recognition and subsequent separation into individual songs
  • Records every stream from any location in individual, named songs
  • Perfect for streaming services, social radio stations, music portals and all kinds of protected and protected streams
  • Automatic addition of ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics for recorded songs
  • Compatible with spotify,, grooveshark, simfy,,, mog, deezer and many others
  • Pre-tagging optimizes capturing of complete albums
  • Recognizes links to MP3 files on visited websites, download with a click
  • Completely automatic feature may be activated to enable background processes (saves every song played)
  • High-performance video recording technology combines network sniffers and direct access to graphic cards
  • Videos are saved without a reduction of quality compared to the source
  • Easy to use via micro recording windows for every video
  • Perfect for video streams, online movie stores, media centers and video portals
  • Record and save all Apple iTunes’ videos
  • Record user-defined picture sections as videos
  • Videos can be converted into suitable formats for any device after recording
  • Optional recording of audio tracks as MP3 files available
  • Convenient player with playlist management functions and graphic cover display
  • Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
  • Displays for beginners and experts available with configured information columns
  • Matching playlists for similar artists and genres generated automatically
  • Supports YouTube links and videos in playlists
  • Dual-device display enables flexible transfer from and to a wide-variety of devices and file locations
  • Optimized for Android smartphones, direct browsing and using playlists etc.
  • Compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod and iTunes, perfect for filling up Apple hardware
  • Memory display for all devices
  • Copying in the background
  • Preconfigured for TelekomCloud, Strato HighDrive, Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon Cloud, Tunesbag and many more
  • Automatic Internet searches for missing ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics
  • High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
  • Convenient creation and wireless uploading of customized ringtones for cell phones and smartphones
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DSL internet access
  • Download up to 25 music tracks
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Generation 10 of the Audials software has been developed for the new Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablet computers
  • Even more music with better quality:
  • Hits list provides the best music when searching the Internet
  • Improved audio studio with new zoom and scroll function
  • Internet search supports more portals
  • Music video search with preview images & immediate playing
  • New streaming recorder for videos on the Internet and movies from online Video on Demand services (VoD):
  • Improved recording of videos and movies in HD
  • Saves all videos which are played on the PC
  • Universal converter with additional profiles for PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and consoles:
  • Additional device profiles for current smartphones and tablets
  • Faster conversion with improved video quality
  • General improvements in the Audials software for all editions:
  • Simplified user interface with increased convenience and with many new skins in various colors and forms
  • Improved media manager now a…

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