Android Studio 0.3.2 Build 132.893413 Freeware

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Android Studio 0.3.2 Build 132.893413 Freeware

A comprehensive development environment for building Android apps

Android Studio can help Android developers come up with complex solutions that would be compatible with various types of handsets. The application comes with built-in Android developer utilities for simplifying not only development but also debugging. 
What’s New  multi-catch, try-with-resources, strings in switches, etc.
  • Support for recording the device screen as a movie.
  • Debugger support for the new ArrayMap class
  • Drawable XML files. When editing drawable XML files, you get an instant preview on the right:
  • Menu XML files. Studio provides a sample rendering of the menu. This may not be accurate (since menu files can be used in various different contexts, and unlike layouts and drawables we are not directly running the framework code), but should still be helpful.
  • Widget XML files.

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